From IB graduates to IB students

At IBMentors we approach tutoring with a fresh philosophy. While other tutoring agencies focus on theory, we focus on practice. We focus on providing tutees the confidence to solve simple problems with ease, allowing them to focus on the harder challenges.

Self-belief and motivation are a big step in the right direction of understanding a topic. We help build this foundation.

Our service further offers continuous engagement with students, rather than just a specific set of lessons. As an example, students can contact the tutee, or mentor as we like to call it, for a range of issues, including those outside of academics such as university applications. As a result, our students obtain both the personal and academic support required to succeed.

Getting started on our platform is simple.

  1. Create your free student profile at the right top of the website.
  2. Log into your profile.
  3. Purchase session points to charge your profile balance. Each session point can be purchased for £15 GBP and converts to 30 minutes of tutoring time.
  4. Use your session points to book a lesson. Your lesson can be as short as 30 minutes, or up to 8 hours long.

Alternatively, to get to know us first, you can book a free 30 minute consultation session from your student profile.

The service was started by two IB graduates, studying in the UK and US at top 10 universities. They noticed that while plenty of students had tutors, they did not have mentors - experienced and dedicated tutors who were ready to go above and beyond to satisfy the students’ needs. IBMentors intends to fill this gap to ensure the best possible IB experience for you, the student.

Head to the Contact tab to learn more about us, and the Register tab for us to learn more about you.