Transitioning to the IB from Middle School


If you are planning to, or have already enrolled into the IB, you should probably be aware that you are entering one of the toughest high-school programs worldwide. This does not mean that IB cannot be a great academic experience though. In order to ensure that, we have compiled a simple list of tips that will make your transition into the IB go as smooth as possible.

Make academics your priority. The massive workload that attending the IB comes with requires that you put absolute priority on finishing it, and letting your other hobbies and interests take the backseat for the time being.

Properly manage your time. Time and time again, this proves to be the toughest task of the IB, with procrastination being an IB students’ worst enemy. However, properly spacing out your work and doing it on time makes your life a lot easier, and your grades higher.

Have self-initiative. Unlike middle-school, no one is going to push you into doing your work and getting higher grades in the IB. Even though this seems pretty good (and can be), you will have to make an extra effort to do things in time without being forced to do so. Even though that pre-first draft isn’t obligatory, you should probably do it.

Get to know your IB coordinator, teachers and advisors. The IB and the dozens of assignments that come with it aren’t exactly straight-forward, and can be difficult to grasp. Luckily, there should be a lot of academic staff who know the ins-and-outs of the program, you should have an open communication with them since they’re eager to answer your questions if you show an interest.

Do extra-curriculars. Even though some extra curricular activities are mandated in your CAS, you should really go the extra mile and actively seek out organizations or activities you can join. As well as being fun and educational, these activities, combined with a really good standing diploma can up your chances of getting accepted to your dream universities.

Research before choosing your subjects. This can save you a lot of trouble later on. You should balance out your personal interest, but also what you’re good at while choosing your subjects. Also, you should read into the syllabus of potential subjects to determine if it’s what you expected and to avoid negative surprises.

Adjust your expectations and expect rivalry. You might have been the best student at your middle-school, but once you enter the IB, you will probably be surrounded by only the best and most competitive students from all around the world. It can be disheartening if you underperform by your standards, but remember that you have a lot of time to improve.

Lastly, open your mind to new things and have fun. High-school should be a fun and care-free period of your life that you should look back on with joy, and it certainly can be that way by following these tips. Try to find balance in life, and just have a good time.